Where is EAT!?


What do you want to eat?  EAT! is what your grandmother says when you come over. Eat! نَأْكُلُ Mangia! 吃 ¡Comed! खाओ

EAT! specializes in bistro-style sandwiches and pasta featuring fresh, locally sourced food.  Decadent meals do not have to be bad for you.  EAT! offers the best combination of refined cuisine and wholesome, healthy choices.

Photo Copyright Gina Weathersby & kiwi street studios.

Grilled Paneer – Photo by Gina Weathersby

EAT! is bringing people together to enjoy good food with good company.

EAT! keeps this calendar as up to date as possible, but sometimes a spot we planned on being at isn’t open.   Please call 513-631-0715 to confirm our location.